Count Pipes with a Camera!

Automate your counting with an app that counts and documents the results by placing numbered tags on each item counted in the photo!


CountThings from Photos Appis the next generation for Count Pipes, Count Logs, Count Rods, Count Layers, and Count Clusters apps.

Improved technology to count faster and more accurate Larger variety of Counting Templates New Advanced features
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How to Get Started

1 Download and install the CountThings from Photos app
2 Create an account from within the app
3 Contact us and ask for: a live demo using your images (in an online meeting using GoToMeeting) Custom Counting Template that will work for you. (You will need to send us sample images from which you would like to count) help with the initial setup to ensure the app works the way you want it

How to count pipes with the app

1 Open the app and take a photo of your items
2 Press "count" for the app to "tag" each individual item with a number
3 Review the tags to fix possible mistakes and verify the correct count
4 Document the results for your records and audit trail

The CountThings from Photos app uses Machine Learning technology to identify and count pipes.

If the images of your pipes differ from the images the app was "trained" to recognize, we will need to craft a Custom Counting Template specifically for you.
In order to proceed, send us some sample images of pipes you would like to count.

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